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Pure Hemp Extract Oil (500mg). Full Spectrum, UNFLAVORED. From 100% Organic Colorado Grown Hemp Seed. With MCT for Greater Absorption. For Pain, Anxiety Relief, Mood

AVOID CHEAP FORMULAS! Most Hemp oil supplements are offering weak formulas with synthetic fillers and flavors, while claiming to be Full Spectrum. With Better2Day Pure Organic Hemp Extract you are guaranteed the highest quality of hemp homegrown in Colorado, USA that is true full spectrum for the best absorption and maximum bioavailability. FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT VS REGULAR HEMP SEED OIL - You can buy hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in stores, but it is not the same as “hemp extract”. Full spectrum hemp extract is derived from the entire hemp plant - leaves, stalks and flowers and contains more nutrients, including a wealth of phytonutrients and healthy fats. Great for immunity, nervous system support, heart health support, antioxidant protection and more. ADDED BONUS OF RICH MCT - Studies have found MCT oil can assist with energy and brain function. Compared to longer-chain fats, MCTs are absorbed more easily since there’s less work for the body to do breaking apart carbon bonds. It’s also been found that this combination with Hemp Extract can also help with overall metabolism.